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Wisdom is knowing the right path to take ... integrity is taking it.
— M. H. McKee

KRISTEN LIESCH, PHD, is the founding partner at Blue Switch Consulting.

Kristen’s unique academic background informs her methodology which combines practices and theories from the social sciences, education and interdisciplinary humanities.  She has partnered with organizations across a range of industries to improve organizational structure, productivity and cohesion. National non-profit, health care and educational institutions have benefited from Kristen’s ability to identify gaps and implement effective solutions.

Kristen has facilitated professional development seminars, conducted targeted focus groups, trained in counselling and coached in critical thinking skills. She is a thought-leader in her community and her personal influence has led to positive change. Kristen has been recognized for her strength of character, passion, dedication and tenacity. Her commitment to excellence and integrity provides the foundation for Blue Switch Consulting’s purpose.

Kristen is a former educator and academic lauded for her ability to distil complex theories and systems into comprehensive and actionable messaging. Kristen’s engaging writing has been published in peer-reviewed academic texts, and can also be found in trade journals and wellness magazines. She has presented at a number of international academic conferences and also speaks to community groups.

Kristen is a classically-trained pianist, a bibliophile, and an amateur veggie grower. She has driven motorbikes, run half-marathons, climbed mountains and jumped from 30-metre cliffs. She once stuccoed a Navajo hogan in the desert near Tuba City, Arizona.


ANNA DEWAR GULLY, MA, is a partner at Blue Switch Consulting.

As an organizational strategist and women's equity expert, Anna has led strategic planning and public policy change in large and complex organizations and systems in Canada and the UK including the health system, government organizations, and in large social enterprise organizations.

She is a systems-thinker and natural change-agent who is the founder of the Women's Work Institute. Anna was inspired to start Women's Work because of gendered challenges she experienced in her own career and a deep desire to tackle those problems at a strategic (rather than individual) level. The Women's Work Institute helps organizations identify opportunities to design equality into the way they do business every day. Their pragmatic and outcome oriented methodology is informed by behavioural science and also by best practices in organizational strategy and organizational change. They harness insights from your team to develop enterprise-wide solutions that advance business and equality simultaneously.  

Anna has a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of London and a BA from McGill University. For more about Anna's experience and to read her blog Building Women's Work follow her on LinkedIn here.